What is it about pizza that makes it so great? Seriously, it is the easiest meal that everyone can eat. Throwing a party? Order a pizza. Meeting a date? Grab one to share. Pizza is everywhere, and we want to know why.

A long, long, long time ago the pizza industry was founded in Naples, Italy during the 18th century. Mostly eaten by common people it was served in the streets as a quick and easy meal. In the 20th century pizza was introduced to America by Italian immigrants. America, being a melting pot of cultures, soon created various styles of pizza and crust. Two of the most famous styles are New York and Chicago Style pizza. However, now with millions of shops all over the U.S., pizza has become one of the most creative and diverse meals ever.

Here in Canyon, pizza is also an important part of our cuisine. It brings people together in ways no other food can because it is easily customized to fit everyone’s individual preference. For families, pizzas can be served traditionally with only pepperoni and cheese to satisfy the kids, but for an older crowd the toppings could be endless, like Wolfgang Puck’s daring Barbeque Chicken pizza.

At Barrel & Pie we have created new versions of pizza like our Chicken Bacon pizza and our Jalapeño Popper pizza.

In a way pizza allows us to be in the kitchen with the chef because we can create our own version of pizza. By throwing different toppings and sauces together anyone can share the process of creating a new brilliant style of pizza. It allows the customer to feel included in the experience and brings them closer together in the process.

Sharing a meal with your friends and family could be the best part of your week because it allows you to relax, talk, and laugh with the people that you love. It becomes a therapeutic experience that makes you and the people around you happier. With the family-friendly atmosphere of our restaurant the pressure is lifted off of your shoulders and lets a free conversation flow between your family, friends, and coworkers. It becomes a simple way to network with colleagues, or to impress your Tinder date.

The only thing that is hard is deciding what kind of pizza you want! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your friends together to catch-up and share in the unique experience of building your own pizza!